Don't you just love technicalities? I do!! Now thanks to one the staunchly Catholic country of Poland is right on the verge of recognizing the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as an official religion. Now, now. I know what you will say: "but what is the point of worshipping a plate of spaghetti?" Indeed, a bowl of ramen, or a platter of linguini may seem ludicrous deities, but not so much to folks who already question the fundamentals of organized religion. After all, is intelligent pasta any more unbelievable than an indestructible bush on fire, or a 500 year old who up and builds an Ark? I dare say all religions necessitate a leap into imagination!

Polish Pastafarians Rejoice! Church Of Flying Spaghetti Monster Granted Permission To Register As A Religion

And if you think Pastafarianism does not stand a chance in good ol' land of Poles, just check out the New York State Councilman being sworn in wearing a colander, and the awesome Czech's driver's license. We're here, we're noodly, get used to us! RAMEN!